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Crash Coarse on SLC,
 ~ SpaceLite Coin. 

Private Key's & Public Keys.
Digital "Smart-Property" Assets. 
SLC uses BTC 2.
OmniLayer protocol,
Securely on Bitcoin's Blockchain:

Mastercoin Encryption key 

Carry SLC SpaceLiteCoin attached to a
mobile Bitcoin wallet as 2nd currency.
 Access requires you to own the private key.
Supported through #Mastercoin #OmniWallet 
auto-send back, via D.A.C.
"Dentralized Autonomous Code"

BTC, Euro, creditcard/ Paypal dollar, or cash may trade to this address for reeturn of 1 SpaceLiteCoin, a new cryptographically signed digital token.
Currently SLC are $1USD, redeemable for 1 grams of spacelite.
Good for managing large reserves.
Also referred to as cropcircle coins, orbits, orbs, or aliencash.

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