I-KI, potassium iodide, coarse granular crystals.


Nutritional info.

Trace mineral iodine addative stored mainly in muscles.

Use to make "SL2" (SpaceLite-2 for immune system boost.)


General Info
codenames include "mobo", slang for having the smell of a electronics like a computer brand new MOtherBOard.


Easy starch detection (will turn purple) in high starch, can be used to test or react with certain foods.


Medical & Nutritional info

Metabolism boost for healthy thyroid fuction.

Enhances lymphatic flow 6x for immunity system.
Trace amount for anti-microbial coating, and long-term water storage.

Topical sanitizer wound care. Used to make stain.

Codename "NoRad" for no-radiation properties,

Resolving mal-nutrition of stable iodine to resist radioactive isotopes otherwise absorbed from enviromental contamination, a component of fallout.

Warning: Medical grade, very strong in trace dose, once a month.

Excess intake can cause cell pressure changes result in irritation of the mouth including swelling of gums for 24hrs.

Chemical Information


  • Formula: KI
  • Hill system formula: I1K1
  • Formula weight: 166.003
  • Class: iodide
  • Colour: white
  • Appearance: crystalline solid
  • Melting point: 681°C
  • Boiling point: 1323°C
  • Density: 3120 kg m-3
  • Element %
    I 76.45
    K 23.55