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Cancer "MoonShot" Summit, June 29, 2016


 On June 29th, the Vice President is convening a National Cancer Moonshot Summit from Washington, DC and the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center will host a DIAL-IN SITE in Los Angeles. 

These Summits will be the first time that individuals and organizations representing the entire cancer community (researchers, doctors, scientists, philanthropists, community oncologists, advocates, patients and survivors) will all convene under the national charge to double the rate of progress toward a cure. Join your fellow cancer patients, advocates, researchers, community leaders, and healthcare professionals as we share updates and discuss efforts to accelerate progress in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care.




Legendary Vice-President Joe Biden, outlined it clearly, now it's our job to pick up the map & the pace, to get it done before a whole boomer generation is lost. It's our duty to live up to this challenge, & find a way to get the resources to give it to them. All retirees should be Government Issued: Joe Team #Spacelite #MoonShot protocol forumula. 


Spacelite is the name of the old formula which is essential to use in conjuction of the Moonshot protocol we have, containing the only naturally occuring stable isotope of the element Cesium, along with alkaline support factors, in a safe form has been first used in Maryland USA!! 


It came from a combination of experiments that were nearly impossible as the Great Pyramids being built. The portal of my mind has taken years to engulf the clear mental vision of sunlight. Pulsing waves of heat in the heartbeating rythme that people chant as Jesus, thump thump, that StarGate allowed me to see ion's as solar systems, where the interaction of them is a steady balanced ratio of electro-chemical quantum forces. 


The story seems endless, but it's all isn't anything without getting the final answer: the correct types of alkaline forces."ion's carried by water in a safe form to balance protons, the battery acid particals that cause most degenerative pains. ".  


The first step with spacelite is reducing the pain as much as possible, then optimize the diet.
Learning about how the chemistry of food plays the roll in balancing our pH & oxygen levels.


Sugar makes acids... Carbs make sugar... most get it.. but a strict regimin is hard, plus with soils being depleted of essential minerals, nutrition is nearly impossible.

It takes determination, & maintaining higher conscious awareness. The world may be trying to dumb us down like kids, but we've got the power to make new decisions about our life and ability to help others, or decide anything at any moment, based on overlooked information.  



It's up to all of us! - Vice-President Joe Biden.

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