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SpaceLite Life Sciences corp, produces a unique formula that is simply added to water, enhancing a soldiers training ability by giving a boost of natural elements, which increase your muscle development and reduce lactic acid in conjunction with a series of other health benefits.


Benefits of Using SpaceLite

• Reduces muscle burn during athletic activity
• Assists muscle development
• Reduces build-up of lactic acid
• Restores natural pH levels
• Boosts awareness, focus and concentration
• Combats toothache, plaque and bad breath
• Protects against Heartburn
• Contributes to better health and fitness
• Protects against joint aches
• Reduces Headaches


SpaceLite's blend of potassium and oxygen electrolytes provides a strong foundation for a healthier lifestyle for athletes, military personnel and anyone in need of a boost.

Military Operation and Training Supplements


Whether you are training or in combat SpaceLite gives you specific natural elements that your body demands.

SpaceLite is effective as a military operation and training supplement helping consumers to stay fit and healthy throughout challenging regimes and stressful environments. Consumers can dissolve a teaspoon of SpaceLite in two litres of water and drink up to 8 cups a day, particularly during periods of athletic activity. SpaceLite water restores & maintains the body's natural pH levels.


SpaceLite is an athletic performance boosting beverage that can contribute to your recommended daily intake of potassium, whilst having almost zero calories. It can help to prevent the build-up of lactic acid, improve muscle development and reduce muscle burn from athletic activity. SpaceLite can also improve awareness, focus and concentration, giving users a clear head and a competitive edge.

SpaceLite Performance Enhancing Drink

The SpaceLite performance enhancing drink is an alkaline blend of electrolytes and potassium, which can help users to function at their peak, improve their general health, and help to combat plaque and bad breath. SpaceLite can help to restore your natural balance and combat headache, joint ache, heartburn and toothache.

SpaceLite is a source of potassium, which plays an important role in nerve and brain function. Potassium rich diets can help to protect against hypertension or stroke. The SpaceLite product can also encourage you to drink regularly, and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Distributor enquiries and International representatives are welcome. Contact SpaceLite today to find out more about the product and the company behind it.

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#Defcon #SuperSoldier #Experiment #Project #Rainbow
#Unified #Field #Theory #HangoverCure
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#TheTruthIsOutThere #YouAreNotAlone
#Area51 #Majestic12 #Roswell #2008
#Defcon #SuperSoldier #Experiment #Project #Rainbow
#Unified #Field #Theory #HangoverCure
#Mission #Completed

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