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International launch & visitor's splash-landing park

Key Concepts: 
- Safety
- Clean energy
- Information
- Experience

Space Park

Training, simulators, radio comm, robotics,
audio-visual holographic laser omnimax theater dome. 


SpaceLite Life Sciences R&D Lab, 
STEM educational center, 

Free Air, Water, & Medicalk services. 

By donation.

Space Travel & tourism

Experience the real zero-gravity, trip around the planet.

Moon missions, asteroid harvesting, & orbiting hotels.


In network with:
 California International Spaceports Network


Join Star Fleet, learn more about our home planet;
experience the fronteir, from suits to stars.

Dark Sky
Aerospace Engineering Lab

"Dark Sky" aerospace engineering lab, for advanced warp drive ion-propulsion.   


Let's get to the moon, faster & cheaper than ever before. 

Space Mining Industries
& Resource exploration.

Protecting our planet from threats of Near-Earth Asteroids, & mining resources with companies like Deep Space Industries
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