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Minerals to alkalize water


​Pure electrolyte powder for water, or juice;
delivering the 100% daily requirement of
essential potassium minerals.

50x stronger per day than famous brands like Gatorade or Powerade.

The main intra-cellular ion for all muscles,
Feel the benefits of "Staying Alkaline"

Less burning in muscles, helps prevent microbes and bacteria, balances oxygen levels, hydrates. 

Medicinal WATER

Pre-Bottled water with a pristine mineral content for max performance enhancing & medicinal effect. 


 - Work hard

 - keep feeling great

 - #tomorrow #Sports #Life

“Small dose for several pregnant womens anti-nausea, it helped instantly.” - Minna, Vancouver

"Spacelite suppressed my toothache" - Carl, Los Angeles 

"Instantly stopped hangover pain I had for a week"
Tevin, Texas


"It totally helps with endurance"- Julie, Calgary


​"Spacelite tastes like more satisfiying water" - Future Olympian, David D, Pro swimmer, Kelowna


Spacelite cured my acid problems and my stomach pain Ive had for like 8 yrs" - Courtney @18yo, Maple Ridge

Everyone has different experiences.
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