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21st century'research


From the pioneering days of the 1900's to the modern 2000's with modern FDA approved pharmacutical laboratories.

Thousands of individual people have been involved through many circles of work, over many time periods, in the research, making, testing, & assisting through many ways of their work, or interest, maybe even sheer generosity. Whatever motivates an individual, these are some of the major influences toward finding this Cancer Moonshot, "a safe naturally derived, semi-instant cure for pain & tumor growths."

We can now, as Joe Biden said: "treat cancer as if it's a chronic condition like the common cold."


Ladies & Gentlemen, we present to you the SpaceLite Scientist Hall of Fame:




Joe Hatoum born 1984 in Vancouver BC Canada, is a modern science & technology researcher with a keen sense of realism & sophistication yet whole picture point of view. 


He compared the RDI recommended daily intake, with all foods.. then found the sugar metabolism to be a hidden value. 


This led to the mission of finding the most important nutrient, essentially the easiesy way to stay as healthy as possible for as cheap as possible.   





Otto Warburg, Winner of the Nobel Prize:


Keith Brewer high pH method
Via - Brewer Science Library




Aubrey Keith Brewer, Ph.D.,

(1893-1986) the founder of the Brewer International Science Library, had a lifelong desire to understand the processes going on in the living cell. He was convinced that the tools and methods he used in the laboratory as a physicist could be applied to such phenomena as cancer, the aging process and mutations.


The development of his theory of the High pH Cancer Therapy with Cesium grew out of work with Dr. Arthur Lasnitzki, at Birmingham, testing lab tissues. Brewer 
understood physics of the cell membrane. The articles contained in these booklets are representative of the many articles he has written about the development and utilization of this theory. Dr. Brewer funded animal research studies undertaken by Dr. Marilyn Tufte of the Department of Biology at the University of Wisconsin at Platteville, which demonstrated confirmation of his theory on the uptake of cesium by cancer cells.


This was re-tested & re-confirmed by Joe Hatoum & Perry Scott, in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010. Perry passed away after he was robbed of his spacelite medicine. 


Sport science research has repeatedly shown a relationship to Endogenous lactic acid production, & the reduction through alkaline.



Centurians & the link:

Hunza people - elevation causing UV rays to ionize the water into weak -OH


Okinawa people - calcium fed to animals showed double egg's & milk production, so people drank coral calcium hydroxyapetite similar to eggshells in water. 


Puharich breathing ozone method

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