Water based potassium & oxygen.

"Healing Energy Crystals"

FDA lab purified alkaline mineral,


Zero sugars, & tasteless in water.

Benefits of Using SpaceLite


  • Stops most pain, by being the main way our body tries to naturally reduce acids inside cells. These acids can burn and are painfully degenerative.

  • By neutralizing the strong acids (H2+) will then regulate oxygen levels into cells. 

  • Reduces muscle burn during athletic activity

  • Assists muscle development

  • Reduces build-up of lactic acid, a primary cause of degenerative pain

  • Restores natural pH levels inside cells

  • Boosts awareness, focus and concentration

  • Combats infection, toothache, plaque and bad breath

  • Protects against heartburn

  • Contributes to better health and fitness

  • Protects against joint aches

  • Reduces headaches by resetting osmotic pressure of cells

  • Safe for regular use as hangover prevention + headache & stomach remedy in cases of alcohol overdose.

  • Raise "Oxygen Retention Potential" aka (ORP) 

  • Anti-oxidant properties to stop harmful free radicals


SpaceLite's blend of potassium and oxygen electrolytes provides a strong foundation for a healthier lifestyle for athletes, military personnel and anyone in need of a boost.


The effect of high lactic acid production by unhealthy cells. Lactic acid is the main cause of pain in muscles, & damage to joints. SpaceLite is finally here to safely prevent the harmful reactions of daily acid production, from normal metabolism & excessive consumption of sugars or acid based products.