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Water based potassium & oxygen.

"Healing Energy Crystals"

FDA lab purified alkaline mineral,


Zero sugars, & tasteless in water.

Benefits of Using SpaceLite


  • Stops most pain, by being the main way our body tries to naturally reduce acids inside cells. These acids can burn and are painfully degenerative.

  • By neutralizing the strong acids (H2+) will then regulate oxygen levels into cells. 

  • Reduces muscle burn during athletic activity

  • Assists muscle development

  • Reduces build-up of lactic acid, a primary cause of degenerative pain

  • Restores natural pH levels inside cells

  • Boosts awareness, focus and concentration

  • Combats infection, toothache, plaque and bad breath

  • Protects against heartburn

  • Contributes to better health and fitness

  • Protects against joint aches

  • Reduces headaches by resetting osmotic pressure of cells

  • Safe for regular use as hangover prevention + headache & stomach remedy in cases of alcohol overdose.

  • Raise "Oxygen Retention Potential" aka (ORP) 

  • Anti-oxidant properties to stop harmful free radicals


SpaceLite's blend of potassium and oxygen electrolytes provides a strong foundation for a healthier lifestyle for athletes, military personnel and anyone in need of a boost.


The effect of high lactic acid production by unhealthy cells. Lactic acid is the main cause of pain in muscles, & damage to joints. SpaceLite is finally here to safely prevent the harmful reactions of daily acid production, from normal metabolism & excessive consumption of sugars or acid based products. 

Regenerative, medicinal, anti-pain, anti-acid, anti-microbial effects. Life extension.

SpaceLite is considered by the FDA as a vital nutrient and generally safe in water for mammal pet's;

people young & old,

Those with diabetes, cancer, other degenerative disease.

No harmful side-effects when used following instructions.

Maintain high pH minimum 3 days after starting.

Intended for regulare 365 pH buffer maintenenace.

No product

Natural anti-acid for daily pH Maintenence
Universal Nutrition for
Pain Relief & age-prevention

SpaceLite Performance Enhancing Water


The SpaceLite performance enhancing water is an proprietary blend of alkaline potassium and oxygen electrolytes, which allows athletes to function at their peak; improving general health, while balancing pH-oxygen levels.


This in turn combats health issues, while preventing microbes that cause plaque and bad breath. SpaceLite helps to restore your natural balance to combat acid's responsible for headache, joint ache, heartburn, & toothache related microbes.


SpaceLite is a main source of potassium, which plays an important role in nerve and brain function. Potassium rich diets help to protect against hypertension or stroke.


Increased oxygen delivered to muscles means higher VO2 max which reflects greatly on athletic endurance & overall peak performance.


The competative edge.

SpaceLite is an athletic performance boosting beverage that contributes to your recommended daily intake of potassium, whilst having zero calories.

It prevents the build-up of lactic acid as potassium is the main electrolyte used in nature to neutralize acids specifically inside cells. 


Maintaining neutral pH will improve muscle development and reduce muscle burn from lactic acid, during athletic activity.


SpaceLite can improve awareness, focus and concentration, by maintaining balanced oxygen levels, giving users a clear head and a competitive edge without any risk of negative side effects.

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