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Science of Cesium 133

It's the most alkaline element on the periodic table. It becomes a liquid ion just below body tempature increasing bioavailability.
Water soluble, & able to penetrate thick tumor walls better than anything, to neutralize acids, stop pain, & shrink tumors over night. The process should be maintained for as long as possible until the natural immune system can re-gain control.





SpaceLite is essential before& after starting Cesium, because the potassium is displaced by the atomic weight  of cesium, being a heavier mineral. 


Remember to cap the bottle:
In our new form with active tetra-hydrate, Cs-133 will react with carbon & hydrogen acids in the air so keep a lid on it (over night.)

Take a large first dose, then sip it regularely.

Replenish the alkaline buffers:


Alkaline mineral buffers takes about 3 days to build up and deplete fast. 



Drink SL with any carbs, avoid candy sugars, & sip SL-2 regulately. 



Maintain the alkaline 24 / 7 to maintain oxygen levels, and continue the healing process. 

Sugar's make acid's so limit intake & drink spacelite with all food. 




 - reduced pain 

 - little to no stomach upset

 - zero cranial pressure, head feels fine. 

 - joints feel better

 - boost of energy

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