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Natural anti-acid for daily pH Maintenence
Universal Nutrition for
Pain Relief & age-prevention

The competitive edge.

SpaceLite is an athletic performance boosting beverage that contributes to your recommended daily intake of potassium, whilst having zero calories.

It prevents the build-up of lactic acid as potassium is the main electrolyte used in nature to neutralize acids specifically inside cells. 


Maintaining neutral pH will improve muscle development and reduce muscle burn from lactic acid, during athletic activity.


SpaceLite can improve awareness, focus and concentration, by maintaining balanced oxygen levels, giving users a clear head and a competitive edge without any risk of negative side effects.

SpaceLite is "electrolytes for space travelers"
(even if you're stuck on the ground)
Offering aerospace grade, atomic technology, proven regenerative. 
Medicinal intra-cellular anti-acid effects commonly include, anti-pain along with anti-microbial effects. 
        This ultimately begins to help assist with daily life extension.

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